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Organizational Studies is a multidisciplinary minor that analyzes the subject matter of organizations from different scholarly vantage points. The minor draws from Anthropology and Sociology, Economics, and Psychology courses, as well as classes offered by other academic departments and programs.

Students who pursue this minor will increase their capacity to engage effectively with organizations as citizens, employees, and stakeholders. Students in the Organizational Studies minor will study organizational theories, learn about the effects that organizations have on society, and consider multidisciplinary approaches to research on organizations. They will gain skills in analyzing organizational actions using both quantitative and qualitative data and gain greater familiarity with the case study method.

The minor covers a variety of organizational structures, including non-profit and for-profit organizations. In advanced electives, students may choose to take courses focusing on organizations that operate in distinct sectors, such as artistic, business, commercial, educational, health-oriented, or social change organizations.